Sump Pump Installation in Montreal and Surrounding Areas

We offer the best Sump Pump Installation in Montreal. There are different types of sump pumps on the market but we only use the top of the line pump. Sump pumps are used to relieve the water pressure from underneath your basement floor. If we are installing an exterior french drain then a sump pump and pit will be required.

An important part of installing a sump pump is creating a pit or basin to house it. Without the proper measurements and hook-ups it can cause more problems and headaches. Installing it properly to the correct depth is just one aspect of the whole process.

We first determine the best location in the basement to install the pump and pit, which usually is the place where the biggest leak is or the lowest point. Unfortunately, that sometimes is not possible given the situation of a finished basement with raised floors, but whatever the case may be, a suitable location will be found.

Once we know where we are going to install the sump pump and sump pump pit, we would break the floor and dig out a hole deep enough to fit the basin. After we have created the hole, we can install the pit and lay crushed stone around the entire pit. Then we do the necessary plumbing and test the pump to make sure there are no leaks. When everything is in place we can put the finishing touches on the job.

It usually takes one full day to complete the job if we do not run into any problems, such as rocks under the floor.