Sometimes water will enter the home where the wall meets the floor, called the seam. If this is the case, there might be 2 reasons for this to happen. It could be that the seam itself has weakened and water is entering from that point. Usually, this is concentrated in one area of the house.

If you see that the seam is leaking from different parts of the house then it typically means that there is too much water underneath the floor. It is common to have water under the floor during the springtime when the snow melts and the water table is at its highest.

If you do have water coming in from different locations around the house then either a sump pump or an exterior french drain will be needed. We can test the water level by drilling a small hole in the floor near the area that leaks the most to see if indeed there is water. We have successfully repaired seam leaks without any further problems when the leak is concentrated in a small area.