Waterproofing Membrane Installation in Montreal and Surrounding Areas

We offer the best Waterproofing Membrane Installation in Montreal. Our process of membrane installations differs from our competitors. It’s like comparing a Toyota to a Cadillac. One does the job and is less expensive and the other goes that extra mile to insure there will never be a problem again. When you think or waterproofing membrane you think of the entire house being repaired and the backhoe digging up around the house. Although this is usually the case when you need to replace your French Drain, it’s not always the case when repairing a foundation crack. We can install a Waterproofing Membrane on a single foundation crack if that is what is requested. When we visit a job where the crack has already been injected with Polyurethane (and failed) the only way we do the job is from the outside with our Waterproofing Membrane in order to offer our warranty that your crack is repaired properly.

The first stage is to clean and prep the area to repair, this usually means shaving off the old damp proof black spray or existing old membrane and exposing the original wall. We work on concrete, cinder block and field stone foundations. Each have their own unique way of approaching the first stage but they all need to be prepped and cleaned with an Acid Wash.

Once the wall is clean and dry then we begin stage two. Latex is applied to the wall and then we apply Grout, from the footing to about ground level. This is a trowel on method so that the finished product will be a glass-like finished cement wall. This will need to dry completely before the next stage. Stage three we apply the Rubberized Waterproofing Membrane. This is also a trowel on application that is spread over the entire re-surfaced area starting just below ground level and includes the footing. Once the membrane is applied and before it is dry, we install SM 2″ Styrofoam on top of the membrane. This serves two purposes; one is that it protects the membrane and two on complete jobs where the entire foundation is being repaired it will insulate the basement.

The final stage is the backfill and clean up. The membrane must be completely dry before the backfill is done (usually 1 day)