Les Planchers Xilo floor Sanding

Les Plancher Xilo is a Montreal shop serving hardwood flooring sanding services and a other of other different hardwood flooring jobs like refinishing, installation and repair as well as floor maintenance.

Our floor sanding services are guaranteed to satisfy you and make you happy, we focus on doing whatever needed to make our customers happy. Give us a a call now to discuss.


Website: les planchers xilo

Business name: les planchers xilo inc
Address : 3016 Rue Marcel, Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 1B1
Telephone: (514) 382-7555
E-mail: send us your sanding job message

Hours of operation :

vendredi 7h00–18h00
samedi close
dimanche close
lundi 7h00–18h00
mardi 7h00–18h00
mercredi 7h00–18h00
jeudi 7h00–18h00